Ultrasound Bone Density Machine Price (Bone Mineral Densitometer)

Product Specification

Model NumberMSLBD03
Product nameUltrasound Bone Density Machine
Measurement parts1/3 of radius and middle of the Tibia
Measurement modeMeasurement mode: double emission and double receiving
Measurement parametersSpeed of sound (SOS)
Analysis Data:T- Score, Z-Score, Age percent[%], Adult percent[%], BQI (Bone quality Index ), PAB[Year] (physiological age of
bone), EOA[Year] (Expected Osteoporosis age), RRF(Relative Fracture Risk).
Measurement Accuracy :≤0.15%
Measurement Reproducibility:≤0.15%
Measurement time: three period<25 seconds
Probe frequency

1.20MHz, United States DuPont technology

Call for detail: 01842-756014