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Buying Hematology Analyzer Machines from Techno Health - Best Price in Bangladesh

Hematology analyzers are crucial in medical laboratories, providing accurate blood analysis and diagnostics. In Bangladesh, the demand for high-quality, reliable, and precise hematology analyzer machines is rising for advancements in the healthcare and diagnostics sector. At Techno Health, we understand the importance of accurate and reliable blood cell counting in medical laboratories. Our extensive range of Hematology Analyzers in Bangladesh offers the perfect solution for your hematological testing needs. With our competitive prices, expert guidance, and reliable service, you can trust us to provide the best value for your investment. 

Hematology Analyzer Price in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the latest price of a hematology analyser starts from Tk.440,00 BDT. At Techno Health, we believe that high-quality diagnostic equipment should be affordable. We offer competitive prices for our Hematology Analyzers, ensuring that you get the best value for your investment. Our prices are designed to be affordable without compromising on quality. We believe that accurate and reliable blood cell counting should be accessible to all medical laboratories.

Why You Should Choose Techno Health for the Best Hematology Analyzer?

Hematology analyzers are vital for accurate blood analysis and diagnostics in medical laboratories. The need for high-quality hematology analyzers is growing as healthcare facilities aim to provide precise and efficient results. Choosing the right supplier is crucial to ensure you get the best equipment. Here’s why Techno Health is your ideal choice for hematology analyzers. 

At Techno Health, we are dedicated to providing the best products and services to our customers. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge of hematology analyzers and can guide you in selecting the right model for your laboratory or diagnostics. Our commitment is providing top quality and affordability guarantees reliable and effective products that meet your needs.

SL No.

Hematology Analyzer

Price in BD (৳)


Healicom Portable HB POCT Blood Hemoglobin Analyzer

TK 50,000 (৳)


Healicom EA-200 ESR Erythrocyte Rate Blood Analyzer

TK 130,000 (৳)


Healicom Portable WBC Hematology White Blood Cells Analyzer

TK 170,000 (৳)


Healicom HMA-7021 3 Part Diff Clinical Auto Blood Hematology Analyzer

TK  440,000 (৳)


Healicom HEA-996 Portable Automatic Electrolyte Analyzer

TK 490,000 (৳)


Healicom HMA3100 Clinical Automatic Blood Hematology Analyzer

TK 510,000 (৳)


Healicom HMA-6300 3 Part Diff Clinical Auto Blood Hematology Analyzer

TK  700,000 (৳)


Healicom HMA-5000 Fully Automatic Hematology Analyzer

TK 930,000 (৳)


Healicom HMA-7518 5 Part Diff Clinical Auto Blood Hematology Analyzer

TK 1,300,000 (৳)


Healicom HMA-6610 5 Part Diff Clinical Auto Blood Hematology Analyzer

TK 1,520,000 (৳)