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Buying a Nebulizer Machine from Techno Health in BD

Nebulizer machines are essential for individuals with respiratory conditions, providing effective and efficient medication delivery directly to the lungs. In Bangladesh, finding a high-quality nebulizer machine at an affordable price is difficult for patients and healthcare providers. Don’t worry; Techno Health Online is here! At Techno Health, we understand the importance of accurate and reliable treatment for respiratory conditions. We have a wide selection of high-quality nebulizer machines that are Bangladesh’s best respiratory care equipment.

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৳ 3,000.00
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৳ 3,550.00
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Nebulizer Machine

RFL Getwell Nebulizer

৳ 2,200.00
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Nebulizer Machine Price in BD

At Techno Health, the latest price of a nebulizer machine starts from TK 1600 in BD. We believe in providing high-quality nebulizer machines at the most affordable prices for everyone suffering from respiratory diseases. We offer a very competitive price without compromising on the product quality and performance of the nebulizers. So, you can trust Techno Health to buy a nebulizer machine in BD. 

Exclusive Selection of Nebulizer Machines in Bangladesh

Techno Health offers an extensive and exclusive range of nebulizer machines to cater to various respiratory requirements:

  • Portable Nebulizers: This nebulizer is compact, lightweight, and easy to use at home or on the go.

  • Ultrasonic Nebulizers: Ultrasonic nebulizers utilize advanced technology to deliver quiet and efficient medication.

  • Pediatric Nebulizers: This nebulizer is specially designed for children and has engaging designs and gentle performance.

  • Jet Nebulizers: The traditional, durable models known for their reliability and effectiveness.

  • Mesh Nebulizers: This mesh nebulizer is an advanced device providing fast and efficient nebulization.

Why is Techno Health the Best Source for Nebulizer Machines in BD?

Having a reliable nebulizer machine to manage your respiratory condition would be best. In Bangladesh, Techno Health stands out as the best source of high-quality nebulizers. We ensure that all our nebulizer machines are made from premium-quality materials and meet international standards for medical devices. These machines guarantee you receive durable and reliable products that deliver effective respiratory care. 

We also provide a 7 DAYS money-back guarantee with 1 YEAR service warranty, so you can get the best after-sales service when you buy a nebulizer from Techno Health. Our expert customer service team can guide you in making the perfect purchase for your needs. So, choose Techno Health for your nebulizer needs and experience top-notch product quality and service.

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Nebulizer Machine

Price in Bangladesh (৳)


Medtech Nebulizer Machine 

Tk.1,600 (৳)


Bravo Portable Mesh Nebulizer Machine

Tk.1,990 (৳)


RFL Portable Nebulizer

Tk.2,200 (৳)


Fogg Ultra Compressor Nebulizer Machine

Tk.2,500 (৳)


Andy Nebulizer Machine GF-NEB301

Tk.3,000 (৳)


Owgels Compressor Nebulizer WH-701

Tk.3,500 (৳)


Apex Best Neb Nebulizer Machine

Tk.3,500 (৳)


Beurer Nebulizer Machine IH-18

Tk.3,550 (৳)


Omron Compressor Nebulizer NE-C28

Tk.5,850 (৳)


Philips Respironics Nebulizer Machine

Tk.6,850 (৳)