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CPR Training Manikins Buying in Bangladesh from Techno Health

CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) is a critical life-saving skill everyone should learn. High-quality CPR training manikins are essential to ensure effective CPR training. At Techno Health, we understand the importance of the perfect CPR manikin dummy for CPR training. So, we offer an exclusive selection of high-quality CPR training manikins at affordable prices in Bangladesh. Our CPR training manikins are sourced from reputable brands, ensuring you will get the best quality and reliable products.

CPR Training Manikins Price in Bangladesh

At Techno Health Online, the latest price of a CPR Training Manikin starts from TK 45,000. The cost of a CPR training manikin varies depending on its brand, size, features, feedback console, product quality, and origin. Techno Health believes that CPR Manikins should be accessible to everyone within their budget. We are supplying various high-quality CPR Manikins at affordable prices in Bangladesh. We never compromise on product quality to make affordable pricing.

S.L No

CPR Manikin Models

Price (৳)


Electronic Adult CPR Training Manikin

TK 75,000 (৳)


First Aid Child CPR Training Manikin Dummy

TK 65,000 (৳)


Infant Baby CPR Training Manikin with Feedback Device

TK 117,329 (৳)