JONTE Chair Hip Trainer Strengthen Inner Muscles Stimulation Machine Pelvic Floor Chair Price in Bangladesh

Pelvic Floor Chair Strengthen Inner Muscles JONTE Hip

<![CDATA[Do you suffer from urinary incontinence or organ ptosis?

If so, the JONTE Chair Hip Trainer Pelvic Floor Chair is perfect for you! This machine+chair combo strengthens your pelvic floor muscles, giving you the power to fight back against incontinence and other urinary problems. The chair machine handle also relaxes your pelvic floor muscles, making it easier for you to urinate and preventing incontinence. With just one treatment every 30 minutes, you can say goodbye to urinary problems and incontinence!

CS Machine+chair
Effectively enhance pelvic floor muscles and restore tightness
Strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, fight back incontinence, urinary leak­ age, dripping urine, abdominal protrusion, lower basin, etc.

chair Machine
pelvic floor muscle relaxation may cause three private problems”
Frequent urination
Vagainal laxity
Organ ptosis

chair Machine handle
30 minutes
say goodbye to urination and incontinence, and tighten your pelvic muscle each treatment for 30 minutes, pain-free, with no downtime.
One treatment better than thousands of kegel exercises

Technical Principles

The non-invasive private beauty instru­ment adopts revolutionary hi fem technology to stimulate motor neurons to control pelvic floor muscles and makes pelvic floor muscles carry out over con­traction (12000 times of pelvic floor muscle contraction).
Using electromagnetic pulse to stimu­

Late motor neurons control the pelvic floor muscle, make it contract, acti­vate the pelvic floor tissue, promote collagen regeneration, restore tight­ ness, enhance elasticity, and comprehen­sively repair the relaxed muscle, away from pelvic floor dysfunction diseases.



Pelvic Floor Chair Strengthen Inner Muscles JONTE Hip
Pelvic Floor Chair Strengthen Inner Muscles JONTE Hip


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