pillow price in bangladesh. Baby Pillow, Bed Pillow, Car Back Support Pillow, Knee pillow, Portable Travel Neck Pillow , Cervical pillow, Pregnancy Pillow .

Are you looking for a quality pillow in Bangladesh? You will find the best quality pillows with us. We have different kinds of pillows like baby, bed, car back support, knee and portable travel neck pillow, cervical and pregnancy pillow, etc. Welcome to the world of PillowPrice. Here you will find the best quality and finest baby pillow, bed pillow, and much more. We have a variety of pillows for all your needs like cervical pillows, back support pillows, and much more. We have some of the best quality pillows in Bangladesh. We have Car Neck Pillow, Knee Pillow, Bed Pillow, and the best quality pillow at affordable prices. Stay tuned with

  1. Baby pillow  
baby pillow

Exclusive custom-made baby pillow with an ergonomic design. This baby pillow is made out of high-quality fabric that will last longer. The print is not just beautiful but also helpful in developing a child’s brain and eyesight.A baby’s first pillow is essential to their early development and comfort. The Baby Pillow is made of high-quality, hypoallergenic and has a safety guarantee from the manufacturer. The neck support provides comfort for the baby’s neck and head in any sleep position.

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      2. Bed Pillow

Bed Pillow Bed Pillow

If you’re looking for the best cervical pillow in the market, you have to consider the one that has all these features. With its advanced air-cell technology, this pillow guarantees 5 years of comfort. It will not malform or make a bed uncomfortable. That’s why it’s called The Queen of Pillows. Finally, a cervical pillow that doesn’t suck! Get the best sleep of your life with our brand new, highly advanced material pillow. No more neck pains or back pain, with our slow rebound foam gel that moves with your body’s every move.


   3. Car Back Support Pillow

 Car Back Support Pillow  Car Back Support Pillow

Stop feeling sore, tired, and uncomfortable while driving! Sit comfortably in your car seat with this supportive lumbar pillow. The perfect filling to make your car journey a lot easier. All our car back support pillows are custom-made to last and are perfect for relieving the back pain caused by sitting too long on a hard seat. It is high quality and durable. You can use it for a long time. It is not easy to be damaged. It is comfortable and you will like it when you use it the first time.


   4. Knee pillow

Knee pillow Knee pillow

Get the best sleep of your life on your side with Knee Pillow. Perfect for those who sleep on their side and need a little extra support, the Knee Pillow cradles your neck, head, and spine to help you avoid aches and pains in the morning and get a better night’s sleep.


    5. Travel Neck Pillow 

Travel Neck Pillow Travel Neck Pillow

This neck pillow is designed for travel purposes and is a must-have for public transportation. We never overcharge our customers with additional charges for branding, logo printing, or washing label. Our memory foam is odorless and doesn’t contain any toxic additives.


     6. Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy Pillow Pregnancy Pillow

You’ve been using a pillow wrong all these years. It’s time to get comfortable and have a sound sleep with our multipurpose memory foam pregnancy pillow. It’s designed specifically for pregnant women to be at their most comfortable so they can enjoy the best sleep of their life. We have the perfect pregnancy pillow for you in Bangladesh.



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