MEDITOM Microwave Diathermy Machine DT-400S

Product Name Electro Surgical Unit
Model DT-400S
DT 400S
Main Frequency 400, 482KHZ ±10%
Repetition 33KHz ±10%
H.F.L.C Less than 150mA
Patient leads to  ground Less than 0.01mA
Classis to ground Less than 0.1mA
Power Source 110/220V(±10%), 50/60Hz
Dimensions (H×W×D) mm 147×330×417mm
Weight 16Kg
 CE 3rd Edition ISO9001, 13485
New Operation Mode Monopolar/Bipolar SOFT COAG MODE
D.R.M System patient Return electrode Monitoring

Call for detail: 01842-756014, 01755-024567