Injury support brace & belt

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Injuries are a part of life for athletes and athletic people. Injuries often happen without warning, so it’s important to always be prepared to treat injuries in the field.

The three components of an injury support brace are the belt, the stabilizer, and the suspenders. The belt is worn around your waist and will keep everything in place while you’re running or playing sports.

The stabilizer is what provides support to your injury when it’s fully secured around your thigh

Some common Types of Supportive Brace:

  1. Elbow Brace: Elbow Braces are a type of medical device used to provide protection and support to the elbow joint. They come in various forms and sizes, and are usually made with a rigid material.

    Elbow Braces can be categorized into rigid and soft braces. Rigid Elbow Braces provide good support for the joint, but can restrict movement. Soft Elbow Braces offer less support but allow for more mobility.

  2. Knee Brace: Knee braces are designed to provide support for the knee joint. They are usually made of a rigid material that will hold the knee in place while supporting it with added protection on either side of the joint.

    They are usually used to treat injuries, help with rehabilitation or provide support for people who have weak or injured knees.

  3. Ankle Brace: An ankle brace is a device that stabilizes the ankle and helps to control motion. An ankle brace is typically made of a hard material that spreads out the weight of the body over an area on the front or back of the foot.