Anesthesia Machine

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Buy all types of anesthesia machine at best price in Bangladesh from Techno Health. We supply anesthesia machine from various international reputed brand. Call us directly to this number 01842-756014 for any inquiry. The purpose of the anesthesia machine is to deliver a mixture of nitrous oxide, oxygen, and air to the patient to keep them unconscious for a surgical procedure.

Anesthesia machine price in Bangladesh

Price of a anesthesia machine in Bangladesh is BDT 50,000 to 25,00,000 TK. Basically, price depends on machine's quality & functionality. This anesthesia machine is used for emergency, surgery, and intensive care. It is used to administer and monitor anesthesia gas and intravenous sedation. The machine provides all the necessary information for the operator to administer the anesthesia gas and IV sedation.

Who is anesthesia machine manufacturers?

We supply anesthesia machine directly from the manufacturer based on China, Taiwan, Japan.

What is anesthesia machine?

Anesthesia machine is a medical device that used to generate and mix a fresh gas flow of medical gases and inhalational anaesthetic agents for the purpose of inducing and maintaining anaesthesia.

Types of anesthesia machine

The anesthesia machine can be divided into three basic areas:
  • a high-pressure system
  • an intermediate pressure system
  • a low-pressure system
There are essentially two broad categories of anesthesia machine vaporizers:
  • variable bypass vaporizers
  • measured flow vaporizers
An anesthesia machine is a medical device typically used to administer inhalation anesthesia. It delivers a mix of anesthesia gases and oxygen to patients while also monitoring blood pressure, pulse rate and temperature. Your anesthesiologist usually delivers the anesthesia medications through an intravenous line in your arm. Sometimes you may be given a gas that you breathe from a mask. Children may prefer to go to sleep with a mask. Once you're asleep, the anesthesiologist may insert a tube into your mouth and down your windpipe.

Where you buy anesthesia machine?

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